Kids will Cut, Collage, and Create!

Your students will be authors and illustrators of their own versions of literature!

Children learn more than basic skills when using Kinderlit books. The books expand the children’s knowledge and their ability to think on their own.  Each KinderLit book title comes with reproducible pages for your students’ books, complete directions for each page and pictures of finished pages.

The children are responsible for planning and problem solving the methods to use for the illustrations for their books. This allows children to take a different approach for creating a product rather than through tracing patterns or coloring drill sheets. Children need to think, preplan, and measure to allow for correct spacing of the illustrations into their book.

For example, when creating Clifford, the Big Red Dog, the children need to ask themselves these questions:

  1. What shape should I cut out for his body?

  2. How big can it be to fit on my page?

  3. How many legs does he need?

  4. How many eyes will I see if he is facing front? Side?

  5. What features go on his head?

  6. What do his ears look like?

  7. Should Clifford look like he’s floating on a white cloud or do I need background?

  8. What letter does his tail look like?

After answering these questions, the children can cut a Clifford without using a pattern that will fit into their books. No two Cliffords in the class will look alike and each child is proud of their own creation.

We have found these child-created books to be very successful and hope that you do too!

Clifford Sample

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Developed and created by two Kindergarten teachers from Phoenix, Arizona.


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