Kids will Cut, Collage, and Create!

Your students will be authors and illustrators of their own versions of literature!

Customer Comments

Read what some of our customers have to say about our KinderLit books!

"I love your books!! I taught summer school this year and I recently ordered the nursery rhyme book. It was fabulous and the children loved making them."

Diane from Detroit, MI

“I love the way you teach the kids to cut to create items.  Thank you for this new addition (Wishy-Washy) to my collection for this story I love so much!”

Julie B.

on TPT

"I just wanted to say thanks for the kinderlit books I received.   They look wonderful and I have them all plugged into my next school year.   They arrived practically overnight and in great shape.  I think they will be a great hit and make my life a bit easier to have a few things ready for next year."

D. from Scottsdale, AZ

"I just wanted to tell you what a great product you have. I bought quite a few books from you at the California Kindergarten Conference last January. Shortly after, I used The Three Billy Goats Gruff with my class. It was such a hit.The creation of their own mini puppet show captured the attention and imagination of so many of the students. They loved the freedom and creativity of making the puppets and wanted to play with them over and over.We ended up spending much more time on the BGG and after doing the book over and over, the students wanted to act out the story themselves. The highlight of these mini plays was when one of the students being the Biggest Billy Goat Gruff told the troll to "Bring it on!" when the troll threatened to eat him. I knew then, that besides being a fan of wrestling that my student had embraced the story and understood the motivations and emotions of the characters. They never would have reached

that level of ownership from just me reading it aloud and them doing a few workbook pages. In today's educational climate of standards and pressure, thank you for providing an opportunity for my students to think and play in."

Victoria from Santa Rosa, CA

"Thank you for the Kinderlit package of books. I went to the I Teach K conference in Orlando one year ago and found your products there. I was able to use the books with my class of urban second language learners last year to help develop their vocabulary and personal libraries. Now I use your products with my suburban group of children to enhance their vocabularies. Thank you so much for creating these products and keep up the good work!"

Nikki from FL

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